It's for a WORTHY cause.  The Mark Kilroy Foundation provided decades of at-risk youth intervention counseling at schools, free unique summer programs and anti-drug scholarships for youth and communities.  The foundation officers and board members have NEVER been compensated since the foundation was created in 1989 shortly after the death of Mark Kilroy.  The foundation has taken additional measures to save money in various ways by purchasing items on sale and asking for discounts.  In recent years, the public via charitable bingo have been the primary source of donated funds to keep the foundation going.  We have received some private donations.  Currently, our foundation is expanding and raising more money to provide additional anti-drug college scholarships.  We have added scholarships for Trade and Technical Schools and for disadvantaged seniors.    We now provide year round scholarships with a two-year window to apply due to COVID-19 struggles.  Please help our students by donating whatever you can afford since their scholarships make them more productive members of society.  No donation is too small and every dollar helps us.  One of our founders, Helen Kilroy, died of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) after a two year struggle in December 2014 would say, Make A Responsible Kommittment (Mark).  Helen was instrumental to the success of the foundation from the start.  We miss her greatly but we continue her important foundation anti-drug mission in the memory of Mark Kilroy, who was needlessly killed as a result of a Satanic drug smuggling cult.
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Mark Kilroy Foundation
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Santa Fe, Texas  77517
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